Paprika Recipe Manager for iPhone App Reviews

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Improvement suggestions

A better handling of ingredients quantities would be awesome. For instance if the app could detect and convert units, and then regroup the ingredients in groceries list (for example if I have one recipe that uses 2 table spoons of olive oil and one that uses 3 table spoons of olive oil, those quantities are saved separately instead of adding up as 5 tsp of olive oil) It would also be great if the app could detect languages, for example to reckon that "olive oil" and "huile dolive" are the same things I would also love a function that generates a list of the recipes I can make with what I have at home. I hope you guys can add this in a future update!

Awesome recipe app!

I have this app for both the ipad and the iphone. Absolutely love this app. It does take some time getting all your recipes added but once you have enough its an amazing resource. I also add recipes from cookbooks but dimly add the ingredients and page number of the cookbook. Great tool for the home chef :)

What Ive needed...

...for years, but didnt know it existed. Im so happy I found this app! Its amazing, easy to use, and has every feature you could hope for. Now all the random recipes Ive bookmarked and done screenshots of through the years have easily been transferred into this app so they are all in one convenient place. :)

In a word: fantastic!

Never forget those little changes you made to recipes youve adapted. Looks great! And who doesnt love paprika?

Browser could use work

Been using it a couple of days and am mostly happy. Recipe collecting is quick and easy, even manually. My biggest complaint is that the browser doesnt act more like Safari. Swipe from left to go back, hold down back button for history, toolbar that minimizes when you scroll, etc.


Meal planning and grocery shopping made easy!

"request site" failure shows a lack of respect for users/paying customers

if they actually *ever* responded to "request site" messages, i would give this app five stars. however, ive been waiting months for some, with no change. otherwise, the app is wonderful, but its a pretty major "otherwise". why even have this feature if making requests is a futile exercise?

Doesnt even know who Gordon Ramsay is..

Pathetic! Paid $5 for this, cannot even parse Ramsays online recipes. If an app for recipes doesnt even know who gordon Ramsay and his website, then i fear the future...

Great App! Easy, Convenient, a Completely Personalized Cook Book

I have been looking for awhile for a recipe app that would easily let me pull recipes together from all over. This one comes with a large list of sites that are already set up for transferring recipes, and an easy function for requesting the names of other sites. (I am a vegan, so use a few terrific but less well-known sites. If a site isnt on Paprikas list, its still an easy matter to copy over the name, ingredients, directions, nutritional info, etc. Plus I can easily edit and add my own notes. I found the software easy to use. I can categorize food the way I want, and easily add a photo. August: 2014 I am still using Paprika all the time and I love it. There are many features that make this app much better than the rest but I especially love the scaling function and scrolling through the photos to decide what I want to make. Its so easy to organize my recipes and find exactly what I want! And because I have built this cookbook myself using favorites from all over the web and my past, theres nothing in this book I dont love, so its easy to get inspired.

Great, but needs customizable aisle headings

Clearly the best recipe manager out there except for one thing: it is frustrating that I cant customize and rearrange the aisle headings in the shopping list. I buy some items at the farmers market, some at specialty shops, some in the bulk section, etc, and shopping would be easier if I could add those headings and arrange the existing ones in order of where they are in my supermarket. Hoping this feature is planned for a future update. Thanks!

Best app I have purchased!

Meal planning or grocery shopping are a thorn in my side and now things are so much easier with this app! It has me much more organized! And saving money too! Please keep this app updated - its awesome!

Read carefully

This app works for iPad, iPhone and Mac, have to pay separately for each. Its $4.99 for iPhone, $4.99 for iPad and $19.99 for Mac. Pretty pricey way to meal plan and save your free recipe links. Who the heck doesnt make universal apps these days!?

The Best

I use this every day. Inset recipes on my Mac, make a weekly menu and then export the shopping list with only the items I need. I couldnt live without it. I only wish for bigger recipe images.

Been using for over 5 yrs

Absolutely love this app. Ive tried many other ones and continue to try new ones but this one is the best app for any chef, baker and recipe collector.


I use this in conjunction with the Mac app. I dont know if I would love it as dearly if I had to enter all the recipes on my phone, but synced with my Mac it works great.

Great kitchen management app

The app feels very unified, looks good, and doesnt feel like a recipe manager with a grocery list and meal planner tacked on. Everything works together to create a sum greater than its parts. Paprika is a comprehensive kitchen management app and it does everything I need without having to jump between three or more apps.

Best recipe/grocery list/meal planning app Ive ever used

Best recipe/grocery list/meal planning app Ive ever used. Love the little features: knowing Ive copied a link and opening it when the app is opened, being able to import directly from websites/blogs, and the email feature is also wonderful! If somebody emails you a recipe from their Paprika app you can import it to yours! Brilliant set up! Would highly recommend.


Waste of money !!! Mealboard is way better. You also have to buy it, and pay more, for your laptop version. Looks pretty, works crappy.

Good App, not optimized for iPhone 6

The title says it all. Crashes on iPhone 6 constantly.

Multiple images

I love this app but I do wish that multiple photos could be loaded so that I can visualize different steps. Sometimes websites just had multiple nice photos and I dont know what one to choose! Haha

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