Paprika Recipe Manager for iPhone App Reviews

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Syncs every 5 mins!!

Please change syncing options. Syncing every 5 mins is ludicrous. Please change to: sync only after changes, when opening, and after user-specified interval. Absolutely not every 5 minutes!

Absolutely love this app. All my recipes are together here. But cant clip a recipe since last update?

A remarkable achievement

Ive owned a variety of recipe software, starting with the venerable programs: Meal-Master and AccuChef. This app does it all. Im constantly surprised by its ease-of-use, functionality and versatility. Its ability to work across various platforms (I also have it on my PC) assures that this program will not become obsolete. Its really fun to use as well. Buy it - it is clearly worth the investment.

Hands-down the best

BUMP AGAIN. Still love this app, but after 2 years I still wish theyd fix recipe scaling. BUMP: scaling feature still not there, still very much needed. FEATURE REQUEST: The app has built-in ingredient scaling, which is key when doubling or halving a recipe. But it only acts on the first number it finds. So: 1 tablespoon (14g) sugar when doubled, becomes: 2 tablespoon (14g) sugar Itd be a huge help if it handled this as intelligently as it does everything else, as many recipes today are written in both weight and volume. Original review: Very intelligent importing of recipes from any website, super smart formatting when you input your own, recipe scaling, even exports grocery lists to email that you can check off, export and backup to common formats for future-proofing, the feature list goes on and on -- this app has it all. But more importantly it is beautiful and easy to use. Huge thanks to the developers for turning my ipad into one of my most essential kitchen tools.


I like this so much that I gave my mom, children, and best friend gift cards so that they could get the app, too. 1) RECIPES. You can enter any recipe you want. Type in your own, or download from the internet. I didnt want to tap all my recipes one letter at a time on my phone, so I bought the app for my laptop, too, and it was worth every penny to be able to type on a keyboard. The laptop and phone snyc perfectly, so everything I enter one place automatically shows up the other place. You can email recipes from this app, too, making it very easy to share with friends. They do not need to have the app to view the recipe in their email. If you enter times in your recipe directions (ie, "bake 45 minutes), that time can link to your phones timer. This is especially nice when preparing a big meal because you can have multiple timers running. When the timer sounds, it includes the recipe name so that you know (for example) whether its the apple pie or the dumplings that are ready. I recommend taking care to enter ingredients uniformly. Eggs, beaten" and "Beaten eggs" are viewed as different ingredients. "Carrots" and "Carrots, chopped" and "Carrots - one per person" are viewed as three completely different things. Just enter "eggs" or "carrots" on the ingredient list, and reserve "beating" or "chopped" to the recipes directions. 2) BROWSER - to import recipes (instead of typing all the ingredients and directions yourself), you open Paprika and select the browser, then go find the recipe you want to use. I honestly dont use this as much as maybe I could, because Im mostly managing my existing recipes rather than importing new ones. Ive used it a few times, though, and its worked well. 3) MENU & MEAL PLANNING - Once you have recipes entered, you can use them to plan your weeks menus. Its fantastic! Theres some flexibility built in as to how you do it. One option is to select the recipe, then tell the app to put that recipe on your meal plan. A calendar will display for you to choose the date you want to eat that food, then you mark whether its breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack. Quite simple. The other option is to select MEALS. Then you add the recipes you want added to your meal plan. I especially like the "note" option, which lets you put things on the meal plan without entering an entire recipe. I can just add a note saying "bacon" without having to create an entire recipe. I like the flexibility of having more than one way to get my recipes onto my meal plan, and I *really* like how easy it is to do. There are some parts of the country where people eat bfast in the morning, dinner at noon, and supper in the evening (not lunch at noon and dinner in the evening), and I kinda wish supper was one of the meal types allowed, but thats minor. Another feature (under Meals) is the option of creating your own menus. Some foods always go together. I always serve cornbread with chili. Every Sunday morning we eat ham, cinnamon rolls, and applesauce. My Thanksgiving menu is fairly well established (and quite lengthy). This app lets you define your own menus (linking your own recipes), then when planning meals you can select the single menu instead of every single item. The meal plan will populate with every recipe that you listed on that menu. For instance, I can just select "Thanksgiving Dinner" and my meal plan populates with: turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn gravy, holiday dinner rolls, green salad, apple pie, non-dairy pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and punch. This is nice after the planning is done, too. Any day, I can open the app to see whats planned, and am immediately linked to all the recipes. Instead of having to flip pages in cookbooks, all the information is at my fingertips. 4) GROCERY LIST - Just like there are two ways to put recipes on you meal plan, there are two different ways to get recipe ingredients onto your grocery list. One is from the recipe: view the recipe and select the shopping cart. The ingredients will display for you to verify that you really want to add those things to the grocery list (maybe you already have flour and dont need to add it to your list). Tap "add" and those ingredients are added to your list. Thats handy if you only want ingredients for one or two recipes, but not practical if youre shopping for the entire week - thus the other option! Once you have a meal plan, you can select the meals and send them all to your grocery list. Its instantaneous, and you dont end up forgetting to buy a crucial ingredient. Note that you can also add other things to the list, such as shampoo, TP, dish soap. That makes it much more useful than if your list only had food. The grocery list can be sorted by aisle so that like-items are grouped together. As you are shopping, just tap the items to check them off your list. PANTRY - If you dont want to have to constantly tell the app that you already have flour, sugar, salt, eggs, baking soda, and so forth, you can tell the app whats already in your pantry. Those items will not show up on your grocery list unless you tell them to. I did not bother with this at first, but after a few months decided it was worth taking the time. Note - I also have Siri help me out. One of my "reminders" is "Grocery List." When Im cooking and empty an ingredient, I say, "Hey, Siri - add chili powder to the grocery list" and its instantly added to that list in my reminders. When its time to go the the store, I can either look at two lists (one in Reminders and one in Paprika), or I can manually move all the stuff on my Reminders list to my Paprika list. I highly recommend this appl


My go-to every week for cooking. Nothing beats it!

Works Very Well

Use it across PC and OS X plus on iPad and iPhone devices without any issues. Amazing at clipping and saving recipes but you may need to some cleanup but compared to typing or cut/paste it saves a ton of time. Great of organizing recipes and tagging them with what makes sense to you vice other apps that force you to use specific tags. Recipe calendar is great for planning meals and checking to see what you had recently. Bottom line -- highly recommend this app on all platforms.

9 months for an update?!

App is pretty good. Replaced evernote with this app. Still missing features though that users have requested, like apple watch support. Reason for the 2 stars is because of the poor support. Submitted a suggestion on their website, and now my account is banned because of negative feedback. Dont think that is how you treat customers who pay for the app (twice, mac and iOS). Also, seems to be a lack of updates. Would like to see more than 1 update every 12 months.

BEST recipe app!

LOVE this app, after years of disappointing recipe software trials. Its fast, easy to use & very intuitive. Its great to have on both my iPhone & iPad. I WOULD like to see a message added in a future update, to let you know youve already saved a recipe--do you still want to save this? It would save time from having to delete duplicates. This is the most useful recipe app Ive ever used. Well worth the money.

Im absolutely giddy!

I just downloaded this app last night and just tried it out. It does everything that I wanted it to do, and more! I downloaded recipes from its list of websites, as well as blogs and the downloaded perfectly. I was able to schedule meals on a calendar and make out a grocery list and it sorted all the items by aisle. I just noticed that it will scale recipes, too. That will be a great help when I make freezer meals. Ill edit my review after Ive used it for a couple of weeks, but so far Im loving it!

Indispensable! Best in class, but...

This is just a wow app! A must have app for most families. Well done, but I wish it integrated with the health app with the nutritional information and that it had an Apple Watch companion. Other than that, its the best at what it does.

Great app!

This is by far the best app that I have found for storing and accessing your own recipe collection? One of my favorite features is the apps ability to grab a recipe from almost any web site, and save it for you. It finds the ingredients list, directions, etc., and stores them in the appropriate places, eliminating a lot of work. I used to have to copy and paste all of the pieces separately, but not any more. A lot of thought has gone into making this app easy, and its loaded with features—the ones that are needed the most.

Makes my life so much easier!!!!

This app is seriously exactly what Ive been looking for. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Best app out there for saving and storing recipes

Worth every

Updated review

Updated review. The more I use it the more I love it. Downloading recipes is a snap. Its expanded my repertoire of go to recipes by making the whole process efficient. I wasnt a fan of the shopping list before because its not as efficient as the rest of the functions. The one thing they should add is a way to sort items by store. I tend to buy certain items at warehouse stores and others at specialty stores. So it would be nice to click a button to sort them out.

Great App

Im someone that never pays for apps. I made an exception for Paprika and it was worth it. Its absolutely awesome and is hands down the most useful app on my phone (I do quite a bit of cooking.) That being said, the price is a bit much. The iPhone cost is $4.99, sure. But lets say you also want it on your iPad? Mac, too? Thatll cost you another $4.99 for the iPad and a whopping $19.99 for the Mac app. Suddenly youre paying $30 for the same thing three different times. Thats why it doesnt deserve five stars. EDIT: My other issue with this app is the developers lack of updates. Like other users have said, the Apple Watch has been out for a year, but no support there. The last update as of the writing of this review (October 2016) for the app alone I believe was in February of 2016. Thats EIGHT months of no updates. Whats going on? On top of that, why does adding photos manually have a different result than downloading them from a website? Sometimes the website version is a tiny little pixelated photo I dont want to use. But if I download the bigger version and add it I have to keep it in my photo library forever or else I wont actually be able to click on the photo and zoom in. Nitpicking at this point but come on, these issues should be resolved by now. Developer is just sitting on their hands raking in the money from an overpriced app.

Needs to be iwatch compatible

I am thinking of leaving to find another app sadly because I want access on iwatch. I was at the market and wanted to see my groceries list on iwatch instead of opening my phones paprika app list every few minutes.

A must for the kitchen!

This is the best recipe app and Ive tried most of them. I have an old original iPad that is on a stand in my kitchen and only use it to access this app for recipes. Love everything about it! My request is to offer multiple user login on the app so that my wife and I can have separate recipes and functionalities.

Good app, BAD Support

The app is a great app, but if you need help dont expect a reply from someone. You would think all the money you pay for a app. iPhone, iPad, and windows, each one you have to pay for. You would have a response team to answer or fix a problem you have.

Amazing app that does it all

Love this app. Use it constantly and it has never let me down. Does almost everything you could dream of. My wish list: - widget for the phones notification drop-down screen showing todays meal plan - a way to edit the grocery creation rules so that it remembers that sweet pepper isnt a spice and hamburger buns arent meat - Apple Watch app showing todays meal plan as well as recipe ingredients

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